Thursday, March 7, 2019

Turtle Power, or the lobster ate my hands

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The fun has arrived!

What's up everyone? Ben here with my review of the Turtle Gloves Flip Mitt. I was able to test these at the perfect time, in Winter when it was cold and rainy. Normally in Winter I run with either just gloves or tucking my hands in my shirt sleeves since they have thumb-holes. I really enjoyed this product and the colorway they sent me should be called the Lobster.

Great for cleaning cars!

In a turtle shell we have a flip top mitten that will turn into a finger-less glove, one step further and you can stick your thumb out the side. And if you go a little more they become arm sleeves. The materials are a soft fleece that felt good on my hands and face and didn't snag on anything. You will need to stick out a finger or thumb to use a touchscreen with these but with the flip top that's pretty easy to do.
Mitt and arm sleeve

I tried these out in 30 degree down to the teens and never felt cold and they extend up your wrists so that area will get covered unlike gloves that stop short. I think anything warmer and a fleece glove may be too much for me.

After a few miles into my run I would get hot and it's a simple flip to open up the gloves and let in some air. This puts the soft fleece side on the back of your hand, perfect for wiping sweat or snot (the first 2 S's of winter) off your face. I did run in the rain with them, they will get wet but not heavy as you would expect. The mitts do a good job wicking off moisture. I was able to run in the snow and sleet (2 more S's) and never felt it on my hands.

As arm warmers, they did a good job, just twist them so the thumb-hole is on the inside of the elbow. Or try it on the backside of your elbow. It may fit better.

Best fact about Turtle Gloves? They are made in the USA in Michigan. I know it gets cold up there so I trust them to make something that would keep you warm!

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