Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Find out if Zwift is right for you.

"Disclaimer: I received a Zwift RunPod to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out to review find and write race reviews!"

It's a pod!

What's up everybody, Ben here with a review of the Zwift RunPod and app. This will be a different kind of review as the pod I received had problems and I could never actually get it to work. So I will put up some links to  other BibRave Pros that were able to get the pod working.

@blackbeanqueen review

The RunPod is small and lightweight so you will barely notice it. It attaches 
to your shoe via a twist on piece that goes under your laces. When you lock it in you will hear a 'click' so it's locked in. It doesn't matter what shoe you put it on, either will work. My first mistake was to connect to my phones Bluetooth, when you want to connect to the app itself, just make sure your Bluetooth is on when you start the app.

@pktirish review
I see you RunPod!

Once you click 'OK' you will go to another screen where you will calibrate the pod to Zwift. Here's where my second problem occurred.  Although the app could see the pod it would not register that I was moving when I tried to calibrate it.

Okay, so maybe it was the device I was using. I tried my phone, which is a Galaxy 8, an iPod, my wife's Samsung Tablet and my laptop. For the laptop I also tried using the Zwift Companion app, but to no avail. Several of my fellow Pro's gave me tips and suggestions, like trying a new battery, and going to a different Wi-Fi network but I could not get the Pod to calibrate.

@azsungoddess review

Me getting warmed up.

I am currently working with Zwift to see what went wrong and why my RunPod was unable to register me running on the treadmill. As you can see, the other Pro's that tested the app and Pod didn't have problems, but I feel this was a good opportunity to try and work with a company to solve a problem.

If you want to try out Zwift yourself go HERE to download the software and purchase a Run Pod if needed. I know a lot of people that use Zwift especially during the Winter when they cannot get outside to make the Dreadmill bearable. Hopefully, with Zwift I can get this working and join you on a run.

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