Monday, November 5, 2018

OOFos, Look What You Made Me Do

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Feelin' the OO!

What's up everybody, Ben here with another Run Bigfoot Run review, and this one came just in time. I have heard so much about OOFos I was wanting to try a pair of them, but wanted to try them on first. When the chance came to test a pair, I went for it. And these did not disappoint.
Look at those boats!

Over 7 years of running, I've had my share of injuries, but this was my first encounter with Plantar Fasciatis. After the Freedom's Run Marathon I returned to soon to running to start training for the DAV 5k. After my second day back my foot started to really hurt, so bad I couldn't walk on it. At first I thought I bruised it but it was something else entirely. Here's where OOFos comes in. My first time wearing them, my foot was still sore, but it didn't hurt as much as my other shoes did. My foot was cushioned and the rocker in the sole helped ease me into the next step, taking pressure off my foot and reducing any fatigue.

Got sole? OOFos do.

If you get them wet, just keep on going. The sandals worked great when wet and stayed on my feet, while other sandals I own would be sliding off my foot when they got wet. The sole is channeled to help keep traction on slick surfaces and I have yet to have an issue with them slipping off.

Ugly Feet!
Looking at the reviews on the site, the only complaint seems to be the lack of half sizes, but I'm between a 13 and 14 in running shoes and went with the 13 OOFos sandal and they feel and fit just fine. My heels are right in the heel cup of the sandal, and I have some wiggle rooms for the toes up front.

I'm not sure what else I can say about this shoe, except I have loved wearing them and will definitely get myself another pair. And watch out for your dogs if you have any, they like chewing on them.

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