Wednesday, July 25, 2018

It's HOVR time!

Welcome back folks, as a Bib Rave Pro Under Armour sent me a pair of the HOVR Sonic to test and review. For more information on becoming a Bib Rave Pro, and to leave and write your own reviews, go to Bib Rave.
My feet in HOVR Sonic

 When I was selected for reviewing the Sonic's, I was skeptical at first. I am normally a zero drop runner, and have been since I first started running. The HOVR Sonic is a 8mm heel toe drop and comes in at 9.6oz. It has a knit upper and features their HOVR foam tech. I've put 100 miles in these, so let's get right to the good and bad.


The upper really impressed me with these. The lightweight knit upper was ventilated and molded to my foot. I didn't have hot spots and the elastic material helped hold my heel in. There is a plastic type of material on the heel that helps hold your foot in, I have never experienced this in a shoe before, but it wasn't bad.
 One problem I have with knit uppers is how hot they can be in the Summer. These were hot, but the ventilation helped.
 The tongue was super! It was thick enough that you couldn't feel the laces and had elastic on the sides helping to wrap and hold your foot in. The flat laces were a nice touch as well. I could run in them without double knotting them.


The real claim to fame with the Sonic's is the HOVR foam. Inside the outer foam is a layer of foam compression wrapped to keep it from breaking down. It keeps the shoe firm, but cushioned so you can turn up the speed when needed. Being a mid foot striker, the shoe rolls forward nicely to propel you forward. They're starting to show some signs of compression on the sides where the cut out is near the heel, but for 100 miles I would think it's normal. 

The out sole features full blown rubber covering the entire shoe. Personally I think it's a little much and hinders some of the flexibility. 

Overall I've enjoyed running in the UARunning HOVR Sonic. They surprised me with a good fitting upper, an awesome tongue, and a firm quick ride. My only question is where did the 'e' go? It must be too fast. To get your own pair check out the link HOVR

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