Thursday, February 8, 2018

Pins are so 2017

How many sets of 4 pins strung together do you have? As a runner I have 2 in my car, several in the house somewhere and at least 2 pinned to the kit bag. Well that was 2017 me. 2018 me is rocking the Bib Boards and let me say these little things are awesome!

So what are Bib Boards? They are a snap that goes through the hole on your race day bib and the other half is on the inside of your shirt. They can be branded or logo and have several phrases or images to choose from. As I didn't have a race scheduled until mid-February I was trying to figure the best way to test.

First was the the snap test. While watching football I snapped and unsnapped for about 15 minutes. They still held shape and  leads us to test number 2, the shirt test.

I went for a 13 mile training run and attached two Bib Boards that I used during test one. I was worried about chafing from the inside of the snaps, but actually I forgot they were even there. At one point I had to check my shirt to make sure they were still attached.

Test 3 was the bib test. Since I didn't have a race scheduled during testing, I just grabbed an old bib and put it on. I went to the local track and just did 800 repeats for marathon training and the bib stayed in place and didn't really bother me at all. Normally I wear a bib on my shorts, but I was okay with the shirt. I never hit the bib with my arms and it stayed in place.

Pin Free

So far I'm really liking Bib Board and I would recommend checking them out.

Until next time, lace up and get out...


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